Vietnamese cycling

There are very many Vietnamese. And very many of them are on the road. It is the rule that the biggest one has the most rights. So as a cyclist you’re very much down in the hierarchy. Then all drivers, motorbikes included, are crazy with their horns. They blow it all the time. Many of them have installed special horns, with various sound patterns. As long as it is louder and lasts longer. Vietnamese road users tend not to look over their shoulders, they just listen. If there is no horn, then they just go. The result is very busy roads and an cacophony of blasting horns. All day, as long as you are on the road. It makes you absolutely crazy. They blow the horn when it’s necessary, but also when we don’t see any reason. They just want to make noise, and much of it too. And if you make a stop for a coffee, they play the music so loud that you have to scream your order. It never stops. No quiet moment possible.

If you like a nice and quiet cycle tour, don’t come to Vietnam.

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