There are worldwide networks for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. They are based on mutual hospitality. In order to be able to use it you must have an account with a profile and offer to be a host yourself, when you are traveling you can apply with other “members” to be their guest. It works miracles! The best and nicest way to connect to the various cultures in the world. Warmshowers is exlusively for long-distance bike tourers.

Some sites made and maintained by cyclists who have ridden around the world and more. They are full of information about all ins and outs, do’s and dont’s, equipment, travel documents, currencies and prizes and whatever you can think of:

Travelling Two by Sonya and Aaldrik

There are websites where you can plan your trip, see profiles and load your own-made routes and tracks onto your gps-device. If used well you will never need to ask the way anywhere any more. Here are some of those: , MapmyRide, Plotaroute, Komoot, Ride with gpsBikeRollStrava and …..

De wereldfietser (the world cyclist, NL – BEL)) gives information and has a forum for world cyclists. In Dutch only.

For world travelers Lonely Planet is one of the most used travel guides. On its Thorn Tree travel forum there is a section On your bike. Not to be missed by people like us.

If you want to ride your bike in the far east and don’t know where to start (and read Dutch:) Asian Way of Life will help you on the way. They offer fantastic detailed routes and arrange flights etc. for you.

Eveline made a report of our Australia-ride in 2013/14 in one story. Read it here.


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