Riding in Krabi province, Thailand, the Romantic Route

Long tail boat ride in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand (Dec. 2013)

How to defend yourself against magpie attacks in Australia (Nov. 2012)

Riding the Brisbane Loop with Gilbert Nov. 2012)

Goomblar playing the didgeridoo on Fraser Island (Oct. 2012)

Riding along the coast in Mission Beach (Oct. 2012)


Beach in the Daintree rainforest (Sept. 2012)

Winter in Holland 2011-12

Winter in Austria (Jan. 2012)

Albania, August 2011
Tirana – Elbassan


Croatia, August 2011
Jadranska Magistrala


Italy, July 2011
How Frans likes his coffee:

Italy, August 2011
Eveline down Aosta valley:

Switzerland, August 2011
Eveline up the Grand Saint Bernard:

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