Tunja (alt. 1740) – Popayan (alt. 1752)

41 kms. 541 vertical meters.
The restaurant served us a breakfast that included a soup with a pig’s foot bone in it. So we left with a good base. The effect on my energy was nil, I had very soggy legs this day. It was beautiful, but undulating again….
Just before we entered the old white city of Popayan the 4-lane road was half blocked. Many people were walking, cycling, skating there. It’s like in more Colombian towns, on Sundays they close the centre for motorized vehicles and leave the streets for people to recreate. And that’s what they do. There was even a big collective dance going on, led by a black dancer on the back of a pick-up truck. Very nice.
We now stay in Hotel Los Portales (50.000 COP), colonial, pretty and with all conveniences. The old centre of Popayan is a colonial town, completely white.
The track: Download 20100221elhogar_popayan.gpx
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