Planeta Rica – Caucasia (alt. 68)

68 kms. 229 vertical meters. Easy and beautiful ride. Not much to tell about it. 41 ˚C (routine), mostly shady road, light breeze, many cows of many sorts, even Brahmans, as we read on a big sign board at the entrance of one of the many haciendas, many of them nice places to see. There are many trucks on the road that transport the cows, or better: the bulls, since we read the word “torretes” many times. We already mentioned that Colombian meals are rather meaty, well, here seems to be the origin of this.

Because of the problem with my rear wheel we left much later, at 08.15. At 07.00 sharp, we had already had our breakfast, a moto-taxi man showed up to guide me to a bike repair shop. This appeared to be some 1.5 km away. There they appeared to be professionals. That is, the guy immediately saw the problem, but then he could not remove the cassette (the set of sprockets) from the ax. It took some trial and error, but in the end he made his own tool, exactly one like we use in Holland, and it took two of them to get it loose. Then het changed the balls, they were bad indeed. In one hour it was all fixed, cost 7000 COP, app 2,5 euros. I felt relieved and off we could.

In Caucasia we looked for the centre, we asked some guy of a jugo-natural stand. He gave the directions, but we were not really surprised that a moment later a man on a motorcycle came riding with us and guided us to the centre. Thank you very much, we didn’t know the man, didn’t know how he knew what we wanted, but he simply did it. In which other country does this occur?

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