Caucasia – Taraza

63 kms. 283 vertical meters. Hot again, but a very beautiful road with much shade, following the course of the big river Rio Caucasia. Not much traffic. We had expected many trucks, as this is one of the two routes from the Caribean coast to the south.  From blogs from bikers that rode here before us we read about these trucks. Well they’re not here now, at least not in big numbers. On our way to the north there were many more. Better like it is now.
Taraza is a small place, where there is nothing to do. We are staying in Hotel La Bomba (= gas station), which is exactly what t is, a hotel at the petrol filling station. Simple, clean, no airco but ceiling fan, 15000 COP (a good 5 euros), no internet (we´re writing this in a shop on the other side of the street).
Tomorrow we intend to ride more or less the same distance. The difference is that the last 20 kms consist of a 900 meter climb. We´re getting into the mountains again. So sweat again, although we expect temperatures to be a bit lower there. In two or three days we hope to reach Medellin.

The track: Download 20100202_cauc_taraza.gpx

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