Monteria – Planeta Rica (alt 90)

53 kms. 333 vertical meters.

Breakfast with fried eggs, arrepa and coffee at 07.00. Discovered that my rear wheel has slack to the right and left while the ax is fixed, it can move. I fear that the balls in the bearings are bad. I can’t fix it myself, I haven’t got the tools to do  anything here and since it’s a Sunday there are no repair shops open. So off we go and hope for the best. Nothing much seems to be the case, but when we arrive in Planeta Rica I have the idea that it has become worse.

We stay in Hotel Don Matias Caribe, a nice hotel and restaurant at the entrance of the town along the main road. With the kind staff I’ve agreed that early next morning (07.00) they will arrange someone to direct me to a good bike repair shop. Hope it can be fixed, it can very well be something very simple. An early departure for a cool ride will not be possible though.


The track: Download 20100131_mont_planetarica.gpx

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Schermafbeelding 2010-11-09 om 16.35.26

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