Bjorn Svenson

Is a Schwedish photographer and cyclist. Not just a cyclist. He rode the national highway 214 in Yunnan all the way in 2006. It’s the road where we had to take buses for nearly 400 kms because it was very bad and under construction. He also rode directly westward from Attapeu to national road 13 near Champassak in Laos in November 2008. The road he took is on the map. but hardly or not on the ground.

We met him for the first time in November in Thateng, on the Bolaven plateau in southern Laos. There he decided to ride to Attapeu, because we told nicely about this stretch. Then about a week later we ran up against him on route 13, when he returned from his "real adventure" after Attapeu. Then, beginning of January, he called us from a restaurant’s terrace in Battambang, Cambodia. Big surpirise, did not expect this at all. But now, just a few days ago, on the Ho Chi Minh highway he came from the opposite direction and we met again. Total surprise. Well, he had gone north in Cambodia and entered Vietnam there. it was a very long day, 189 kms, since there was nothing along the way!! And now his camera was broken, so he thought he might as well cycle south to Saigon, where he hoped it could be fixed. Now of course we are looking round every corner if he will show up again,  we wouldn’t be surprised any more.


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