New method of uploading, thanks to Marie Claire, our French bike friend since the last couple of days.

Tat FaneP1020694 waterfalls

Bye Paul & ElsLaos_1214_00001

The beans of the delicious Bolaven coffee drying in the sun, unpeeledLaos_1214_00006

Peeled they’re just whiteLaos_1214_00007

UXO in SekongLaos_1215_00002

Our bungalow in Ban Hua Khon, the rear wall open to the falls. Real luxury.Laos_1215_00003

Tad Lo, again another waterfall on the Bolaven plateauLaos_1218_00004

Our bungalow in Tadxe Pashuan. The small annex on the left is the outdoor bathroom, the toilet under the sunshadeLaos_1218_00008

The interiorLaos_1218_00005

And the falls belonging to itLaos_1218_00009

The ferry to ChampassakLaos_1219_00010

That Papheng, the major falls in the Mekong river itselfLaos_1223_00011

Scene on the old french railway bridge between Don Det and Don Khon. School is out.Laos_1223_00012

Buddha told one of them that it was now time to get the water out of the boat.Laos_1223_00013

In CambodiaLaos_1227_00015

Mind what”s coming from behind.Laos_1227_00015_2

Boar on its way to the next assignmentLaos_1226_00014.

The daily market in ChlongLaos_1227_00017

Paased French glory in ChlongLaos_1227_00016

Les Relais, a restored villa as a contrast. Interrogation center in Khmer rouge times, now hotel and restaurant.Laos_1227_00018

In Les Relais with Tim and Andrea from Brisbane.Laos_1227_00019

Woman with krama, the Khmer multi-purpose shawl.Laos_1228_00020

In the bush again.Laos_1228_00022

Local transport.Laos_1228_00021

Cambodian lowlands.Laos_1229_00023

Lotus flower.Laos_1230_00024

One bike, two flowers.Laos_1230_00025

Bikes being cleaned after hopefully the last dirt road.Laos_1230_00026


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  1. hallo frans en eveline, ik geniet van jullie verhalen en belevenissen, maar ik krijg al zadelpijn als ik jullie zie fietsen! Geniet met volle teugen van deze totaal andere wereld en andere kulturen, en kom verrijkt en gezond terug. Groeten Theo en Marian