Rolnadillo (1000) – Buga (alt 1000)

81 kms. 224 altimeters. A hot and long day. Our map appeared to give incorrect information again. We had to go 25 kms more than we thought we would. We took the quiet road on the west side of the large and flat (!, in Colombia!) valley of the river Cauca. On the eastern side is the bigger and much busier main road towards Cali and furhter south. It was so quiet that we were bored, especially now it was much longer than we anticipated. Buga is a pilgrim-town, with a large basilica. We’re staying next to it, in Casa del Peregrino (Pilgrim’s house). We’re on a square, surrounded by shops selling religious parafrenalia. The basilica is large and when we visited us a demagogue (a priest)  was scaring the hell out of the poor folk attending the service. It keeps amazing us how religious people are over here. Yesterday, Ash Wednesday, we noticed scores of people with a cross on the forehead. Even the sports presenter on tv, who told us that Margot Boer did not win a medal in Vancouver, had one. Quite a silly sight in my opinion.

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Schermafbeelding 2010-11-09 om 17.28.48

Schermafbeelding 2010-11-09 om 17.29.10



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