Cycling Cambodia, Phnom Penh – Kep, via Kampot

188 flat kms over somewhat bumpy paved roads.

We did it in three stages.

Day 1: Phnom Penh – Takeo. 77 kms over route 2. Flat, nice countryside, once your out of PP’s hectic traffic. Plenty of places to drink or eat. Takeo is a kind of remote place with 2 restaurants (Apsara is the most modern and best) en several guesthouses.

Day 2: Takeo – Kampot. 88 kms via route 3. Similar conditions as the day before. Kampot has a beautiful riverfront with  a number of restaurants aiming at the western traveller. Several good guesthouses. Nice atmosphere, a bit empty and forlorn though.

Day 3: Kampot – Kep. 23 kms via a small paved road. Kep is a peninsula, very quiet but bound to become a touristic hotspot. Nice huesthouses, lots of seafood. Specialty is crab. There is a crab market (tiny place under some palmtrees, where the small fishingboats bring in their catch). In the restaurants and foodstalls crab is always on the menu: try boiled crab with green peppers!

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