First stage.

The car trip to south Germany was easy. Contrary to the expectations of heavy traffic the autobahns were empty and we could proceed very fast. Somewhere in the middle we met Ronald´s daughter and her friend. They are making a bike trip along the rivers Rhine and Main and had a broken part on one of their trailer. (Young and unexperienced campers, too much luggage). We had the badly needed spare part with us and the thing was fixed in Bingen, on the same spot were I had coffee last year during my lone bike trip to Italy etc. Co-incedences…..
We arrived in Schwangau at 1730. At 0830 the next morning we set of for our first bike stage. Almost immediatly we had a steep climb to and past the fairy castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria. Then we had an impossible and dangerous descent to our first coffee stop. The rest of the route was without problems. Nice panoramas, more steep climbs and some fast descents. Good weather. We arrived in Hotel Neuner in Imst at 1730, after 80 kms distance and a total of 1350 meters ascent (and that is what you feel the most). But some bottles of Hefeweizen – a beer still containing yeast – does miracles. Tomorrow breakfast at 0630, then leave immedeately for the second stage of 90 kms and 1950 meters ascent. Rain is expected. Life isn´t bad if it ain´t too bad, ain´t it. Maybe some pics next time.

Reacties zijn gesloten.