To Dijon, unlucky and lucky

Due to the bad weather all over southern France I was going to take a train to Dijon, hoping for better circumstances there. I was going to save app. 600 kms or a week of biking by it. Since I as eager enough to go home this didn’t bohter me too much. When we reported at the BĂ©darieux station before 8 o`clock in the morning it became clear that the train would be delayed. We then decided to drive to Montpellier ourselvers and get on the TGV there. A 90 kms drive! We reached the station in time. Then we almost lost the bike. At the entrance of the station’s carpark we forgot to notice the bar to prevent high vehicles from entering. With a heavy bang we passed under it. The damage was little though, only the handle bar wasn’t properly in line any more. This was very easily put right. Releaved. 15 minutes later I was comfortibly seated and through bad weather and 4 hours later we reached Dijon. There it was cloudy but dry. I ran another 50 kms and stopped 10 kms before Langres. The country is a plain at 400 to 500 mtrs alt. The roads are long, through dull agricultural country and going up and down all the time. They took theirImg_2742
toll in the legs.

Crossing borders

The long and (not) winding road to…..


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