Sam and Francesca: from London to Hongkong

For just over a year we have been members of the internet community It’s a community of worldcyclists who offer free accommodation to other cyclists. To be compared with, which is meant for backpackers.

Yesterday we had guests for the 3rd time. Sam and Francesca, two very nice 31-year olds, are on their way to China. They left London, where they have their home, 3 days ago and they stayed the night with us. We had a very nice evening together and made a city walk in the morning. At 12.00 they got on their machines again (with Rohloff hubs, they know what they are doing!) and took LF 13b, the long distance Schelde-Rhein cycle route with Eindhoven as the day’s destination, another warmshowers address.

They hope to reach China’s east coast (Hongkong) after 9, maybe 12 months. According to us they showed the right mentality and attitude, so we think they’ll manage. It was very nice to have them with us for this short time. Of course we will be following them on their odyssey via their blog: , since we have the intention to ride the same route next year.

Good luck Francesca and Sam, pave our way.



Sam and me in Breda centre

3xSam in Breda centre

Goodbye picture in the garden

In the garden with Sam


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