The new bikes

As I mentioned before we exchanged our Santos Travelmasters for new Santos Travelmasters. The main change is the belt drive, instead of a chain, and the 14-gear Rohloff speedhub. Also the wheels are 26 inc, mountain bike size.

My first feeling was that pedalling was heavy. I realised that I had to get accustomed to all the luggage: next to my clothes and things I carry a double bed and kitchen, Eveline a tent. It has been a couple of years since we rode so heavily loaded. I have 2 bags on the low-riders at the front wheel as well. When we rode in Salzburg we could not but notice how easily and comfortable the bikes roll without luggage.

We climbed the Tauern pass. Slopes are very steep here, the road is perfect. Riding down on the ohter side I tried out how my heavily loaded bicycle would behave at great speed. I broke my record: my gps-device showed a maximum speed of 75,2 km/h. Not bad. The bike was impeccable, it kept it's line, remained stiff and stable. Perfect, viva Santos bikes. I was not surprised.

Reacties zijn gesloten.