From home to Split and Rome and back

On July 8th we'll take off again. We will leave Holland by night train to Passau on the German-Austrian border. (We rode this route some years ago and didn't want to do it again, as it takes app. 13 days). From there we will pass through Austria in southern direction (cross the Alps) and ride through Slovenia to Split, a beautiful historic town on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. There we will take a ferry to Pescara in Italy and continue riding to Rome, which is "on the other side of the rain boot" of Italy. Somewhat north of Rome we intend to take a ferry to Corsica, which we will enter in the south. We want to leave the island in the north and take a ferry towards France or Italy. Once back on the continent we will have some 1200 kms ahead of us before we'll reach our home again. We think this trip will keep us on our bikes for 2 months. We hope to visit some friends along the road.
We will be riding brand new bikes. We sold our loyal Santos Travelmasters, which we had for 5 years and which brought us to many exiting places. Only to buy new Santos Travelmasters, now with 26" wheels and, new!!, Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 (14 internal gears) with belt-drive. So no dirty and greasy chains and deraillers any more. Santos bikes are wonderful quality machines and now we have the top of the line. We hope they'll bring us as much luck and pleasure as the first ones.

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