Highway 214: bougeainville route

We have been on road 214 for som 800 kms now. All along this road – that is the renewed parts of it – bougeainvilles have been planted on both sides at a distance of som 2 or meters from each other, only interrupted when there is a yard, a side path or something like that. Most of them are still small, app. 1 meter high or less. But in some years they will be 3 times as big and show there deep coloured flowers to the travellers. As I had nothing much else to do during the cycling I tried to make a calculation how many bougeainvilles must have been planted on the stretch we did. My guess is that we have been cycling between two rows of 3.5 – to 500.000 bougeainvilles each. I must say that already now the views are breathtaking, how will it be when all these plants have grown to their full length? Is going to be fantastic I suppose.


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