Cock fights

On the stairway to the main entrance of another wonderful temple we happened to see some cock fights. It seems to be forbidden, but it also seems to belong to certain ceremonies, so they still occur. What did we see? A number of men (20) enjoying themselves as schoolboys, preparing two cocks. They attach a knife blade the size of a little finger to the back of one of the paws of the cock. When this is done the women (10) come with offerings and perform some ceremonial actions. Then the cocks are held in front of each other and the owners try to make them aggressive towards the other cock. Doing this they pick feathers of their owwn bird and let it be picked by the opponent. In the mean time the other men are betting, money is going from one hand into the other. Then the cocks are released and the fight begins. In hardly two minutes one the animals lays dying on the ground. No furhter comments.

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