Back home, Tuesday Sept. 19th

After Verdun I took the train further down the Meuse. It didn’t go any further in the most northerly little town in France of Givet, saving me a wet suit and 2 days of cycling. From there I rode another 30 kms to Dinant in Blegium, where I spent the night. The valley of the meuse is really beautiful. The next day I rode another 30 kms to the city of Namen, along the beautiful river again. There I got on a train to Antwerp. Same effect, there was rain and I saved another cycling day. From Antwerp it took me 50 kms and 3 hours to reach home. Eveline returned home some time later. The homecoming was good.
My tour has been a very interesting and rewarding experience, a journey through several countries and to many kind people. Also it has been a journey with and into myself. Why not follow me?
Thanks for your attention and your contribution. We’ll meet again.

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