Mission part I accomplished. Reached the first destination of my trip on Wednesday Aug. 30th at 15.10 hrs. 15 days, 1365 kms. In Martigny it only stopped raining early in the morning. Under good circumstances though I found my bus. Their was special room to place the bike, I had to change once before reachin Orsieres at an altitude of 850 mtrs. There I had to change again into a touringcar. The bike was put in the cargo hold under the floor. I was the only passenger and got of at the pass one hour later. Apparently no sensible person wants to be in this place under these circumstances. It was a beautiful ride and the driver praised me for my decision not to try and bike it myself. I think he was rtight. I don’t think I would have stood a chance to conquer it myself. The pass is at 2473 altitude. It was very foggy and cold, 1 C. I had a coffee first, then on top of my normal bike outfit I put on a pair of leggings and long pants and two jackets. I also put on the thin gloves I had taken for this occasion and my cap of course. Then I started the descend, which was cold but easy. My hydraulic brakes are up to this task. Once or twice I had to stop to shake my hands to warm them up and gradually I sank into the sunny valley. In Aosta I pulled the extra layers away and stayed in the sunny town for one or two hours. When I left clouds appeared and there was rain. What the heck…. People told me it was the first in two weeks. I think I brought it with me. So in the end I booked a room in Hotel Ponte Romano (next to the old Roman bridge) in Pont Saint Martin, which is on the border of Piemonte, the state of which Torino is the capital. The next day it was still over 70 kms, but WARM AND SUNNY INDEED! I got stuck for an hour or so in old Ivrea, from which town I couldn’t find the right exit once I was inside the walls. Neither could I find the wonderful Tarte Novocente that was recommended to me by my friend Gino. He always has these very practical ideas…. Then just after 3 o’clock I rode on to beautiful Piazza Castello and met Gino. He made a little film and then we sat for the long wanted beer. I stay in mr Montangero’s house. A lovely place that I share with himself and a Roumenean couple. We had a wonderful dinner prepared by Anna in their house, Davide (son) and Mara were also their. Now I’m in Gino’s office working on the log and doing some other things as well.

Download HPIM3634.MPG  My arrival at the piazza. Actually it is not the nicest side of the castle. I had rather been filmed on the other side, where the castle has a neo-classical front (Pallazzo Madama), which is very odd. Also on that side there are sculptures, fountains and a view of the Royal Palace (Pallazzo Reale). But since Gino came by car and Torino has a major park-problem we could only meet on this side of the square. Furthermore it is take 2 🙂

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